William's Mobile

Device Codes

This is a list of codes used to access hidden features on devices I own. I will add more soon.

Mobile phones

All makes: Dial *#06# to view your IMEI number.

Nokia Series 30: Dial *#0000# to check the software version.

BlackBerry: On the home screen, hold Alt and enter LGLG to open the event log.

BlackBerry: On the home screen, press Alt+Left Shift+H to view the 'Help Me!' screen.


Casio fx-83GT/PLUS/X: Press Shift+7+On together until you see 'Diagnostic'. Press 9 then use Shift to switch the test pattern. When you see the version number, press AC. '00' will appear; press all of the keys except 'On' in order. You will see 'Test OK'.


GNOME desktop: Open the Settings application and choose 'Mouse & Touchpad'. Click 'Test Your Settings' then click the button 5 times. Scroll up and see the deer image.

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